Meet Your Host

Elliot Roe
Mindset & Performance Coach

Elliot Roe is a world-renowned Mindset and Performance Coach who helps those in highly demanding industries unlock their full potential, perform on-demand, and live a limitless life. 

His clientele includes Professional athletes, Olympians, UFC Champions, E-Sports competitors, Hollywood actors, high-stakes poker players, Wall Street traders, entrepreneurs, founders, and executives. 

His unique coaching system leverages deep subconscious reprogramming, mindset training, and high-performance strategies to eliminate fears and breakthrough mental roadblocks, allowing you to operate in a state of peak performance and achieve rapid personal and professional growth.



Meet Your Speakers

Adrienne Carter
Mindset & Performance Coach

Adrienne Carter defines herself by a willingness to push past boundaries to get the most out of life.

A focus on mindset allowed Adrienne to excel in all fields she has entered. First, quickly rising the ranks to lead the trauma unit Occupational Therapy team

Trained by two of the world’s top hypnotherapists, Elliot Roe and Grace Smith, Adrienne’s experience and education uniquely qualify her as a high-level Mindset & Performance Coach.

Adrienne now a voice on the Primed Mind app and works with high-performers in the most demanding industries, helping them perform at their best when it matters most, and to unlock the best version of themselves.

Mollie Eastman 
Sleep Specialist 

Mollie Eastman is the creator of Sleep Is A Skill, and the host of The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast. Sleep Is A Skill is a company that optimizes people’s sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioral change.  After navigating insomnia while traveling internationally, she created what she couldn’t find - a place to go to learn the skill set of sleep.

Ben Pakulski
Godfather of Intelligent Muscle Design

Ben Pakulski is known as the Godfather of Intelligent Muscle Building. 

He’s had an amazing career in Professional Bodybuilding, including claiming the title of Mr. Canada. 

He now teaches people how to live a high-performance lifestyle through strength training coaching, course, and mentorship programs.

Dr. Amy Killen
Skin and Sex Specialist 

Amy is known as the “Skin and Sex Doctor” and is one of the world’s leading experts on longevity, revitalization, and sexual health. 

Her wellness clinics are on the cutting edge of this industry and she is one of the biggest voices leading the charge in destigmatizing sexual health, and showing the world how it’s an essential component to a high-performance life.

Fedor Holz
High-Stakes Professional Poker Player & Entrepreneur

Fedor Holz has amassed over 36 million dollars in tournament poker earnings and has been ranked #1 in the world on two separate occasions. He’s been ranked in Forbes’ 30 under 30 and featured in Tim Ferris’ Bestselling book Tribe of Mentors. 

After conquering the poker world Fedor took the skills he learned on the table to the entrepreneurial world, founding companies such as Primed Mind, PokerCode, 360 Fashion Lab, and Fly First for Less. 

His passion is building communities and brining together like-minded game changers from different industries who share similar values.



Stephen Baker
Mindset & Performance Coach

Stephen’s background as a trial attorney, entrepreneur, and professional poker player is the foundation on which his Mindset & Performance coaching philosophy is built upon.

These diverse and challenging experiences have helped him develop a deep understanding of the challenges that must be overcome to thrive in high-performance environments.

Kayla Barnes
Speaker Title

Kayla is a certified brain health and human optimization coach.

Kayla is also the CEO and Partner at LYV The Wellness Space, one of the country’s most innovative precision medicine and biology upgrading clinics. Kayla is also the creator and host of the Brain Biohacking Podcast and co-founder of the Health Optimization Fund.

Kayla has been obsessed with finding the most preventive and regenerative services and technology to optimize human health for over a decade. Kayla has also been named a top longevity leader globally.

Scott deMoulin
Conscious Communications Expert

Scott is the founder of Destiny Training and the world’s leading expert on Conscious Communication. He’s been a linchpin in the success of the many of the biggest names in the personal development world, and has partnered with titans such as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Jay Abraham and Jack Canfield.

Blake Eastman
The Social Sherlock Holmes

Blake Eastman is the founder of The Nonverbal Group, a behavioral based research and education company located in New York City. Formerly an adjunct professor at the City University of New York for 7 years, Blake has dedicated his life to understanding human behavior and teaching it to others. He has taught thousands throughout his live trainings at The Nonverbal Group, giving his participants the tools necessary to learn how to better interpret nonverbal signals from others and monitor the information that their body is giving off. His signature training style incorporates multiple cameras/footage as a method for displaying visual feedback loops to reinforce behavior.

Dr. Stephen Cabral

Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy and Functional Medicine

Dr. Cabral is a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy, Host of one of the world’s most popular health podcasts, founder of Equilife, one of the world’s fastest growing health brands, and one of the most knowledgeable experts I’ve ever talked to when it comes to advanced health optimization.

Mike Brown
Entrepreneur, Investor, Navy Fighter Pilot

Mike Brown helps high-level entrepreneurs break the cycle of burnout and catapult to the next level by finding and eliminating the root causes of the obstacles standing in their way. 

By combining the performance mindset honed by flying fighter jets in the Navy and the real-world experience of founding and exiting an 8-figure company, Mike helps guide founders in developing and living their true purpose. 

As a seasoned angel investor who has advised and mentored dozens of companies across multitude of industries, he has developed a deep understanding of the core strategies required to get out of the grind and forge long term, sustainable success. 



Robbie Bent
Breathwork Expert

Robbie Bent is the CEO and Co-Founder of Inward, a company looking to solve the world’s loneliness problem by creating digital and physical communities around mindfulness and breathwork.

Robbie’s background isn’t something you’d typically associate with a breathwork practitioner. He got his start in finance, started and rapidly grew a tech startup, and eventually moved into the crypto space, becoming an early employee of the Ethereum Foundation.  

Hollis Carter & Michael Lovitch
Networking and Community Building

Michael Lovitch and Hollis Carter are the founders of The Baby Bathwater Institute, a community of like minded entrepreneurs who do life and business together.

Hollis has built multiple companies online and was able to exit a SAS company 9 years ago.  Michael was able to build one 7 figure publishing company and an 8 figure nutritional company before exiting 9 years ago.

After this, they joined forces to create a community of entrepreneurs who all share the values of generosity, kindness, and creatively adding value to the world and each other.  This is probably why Elliot is a member.

Twitter Handle

Itamar Marani
Effective Mindset Coach

Itamar's mission is to share everything he learnt in the Israeli special forces, international counter terrorism, working with the Mossad's top psychologist and being an internationally ranked BJJ athlete.

His focus is to help you forge an Effective mindset, build the Emotional Fortitude and become the entrepreneur you're capable of being (without any fluff or motivational BS).

Mike Dillard 

Mike Dillard is a life-long entrepreneur based in Austin, TX. He built his first 7-figure business by the age of 27, and has gone on to build three, multiple 8-figure companies with more than $60 million in combined revenue. The Mike Dillard Podcast has over 7 million downloads, and guests include Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Mike Rowe, Tony Hawk, and Gene Simmons.

Mike is best known for his ability to predict future global trends. He purchased his first Bitcoin in 2013, built the world’s first automated hydroponic robot with Dr. Peter Diamandis in 2016, and is a private investor in innovative startups like ONNIT, Click & Grow, Opus Sound Beds, and Space X.

Samm Murphy
Mindset & Performance Coach

Samm’s prior history as a successful entrepreneur, who has scaled multiple businesses, has taken these years of personal experience, insight and the pain along the journey and combined it with her obsession to optimize human potential and the human experience. She learned through her personal journey what was effective and what wasn’t for providing lasting change. As a result, she utilizes the most powerful combination of the tools available to help you achieve your goals.